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Thank you for visiting. My name is Renée and I am a qigong teacher and yoga therapist.


I practise qigong and yoga because it helps me with the overwhelming distractions and stresses of day-to-day living. I find that a consistent daily practice provides me with focus, clarity, purpose, peace and serenity.


Practising helps me to slow down, pay attention and simplify. It is my hope to share this in my classes and for others to develop their own practice to cultivate more balance, ease and flow in their days.

Looking after ourselves and setting our days up with good intentions allows us to make sound choices that directly or indirectly affect others. Small, kind, simple actions can have huge and lasting effects – like ripples on the surface of water getting bigger and bigger.

Let's practise and work together to nurture meaningful connections with ourselves, others and nature – living lightly, joyfully, mindfully and intentionally.


Qualifications / training / workshops 

  • Registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals

  • Qigong teacher mentorship with Mimi Kuo-Deemer (in progress, 2022)

  • Qigong and the Chinese Five Elements (triyoga, London) (30 hrs) (2021)

  • Qigong for Yoga Teachers Immersion Training (triyoga, London)
    (22.5 hrs) (2020) 

  • Yoga Therapy Diploma Course (Yogacampus, London) (550+ hrs) (2017–2019) 

  • The art of chair yoga (Yogacampus, London) (2018) 

  • Mindful yoga in supportive and palliative care into bereavement
    (Yogacampus, London) (2018) 

  • Yoga therapy for stress, anxiety and depression (Yogacampus, London) (2018) 

  • Yoga therapy: Practical philosophy of healing (Yogacampus, London) (2017) 

  • Intuition and ethics, intimacy and boundaries: How to BE a yoga teacher and therapist (Yogacampus, London) (2017) 

  • Teen yoga workshop (Calm for Kids, London) (2016) 

  • Pregnancy yoga workshop (Yoga Garden, Yoga Alliance) (2014) 

  • Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Garden, Yoga Alliance) (200 hrs) (2014)

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