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Yoga therapy sessions with Renée assisted me during a period of stress and worry. Through her gentle guidance and knowledgeable practice of therapeutic yoga, I was able to make space for myself both mentally and physically to pause, relax and gain a more insightful view of my situation.

Renée is a naturally warm person who put me at ease. Through our sessions she thoughtfully applied yoga techniques to assist me in listening to my inner voice and finding my way back to a calmer and more peaceful state.


I'm so glad I found her and yoga therapy.


I absolutely loved our session together. Renée's empathy and intuition were spot on. She held the session beautifully and enabled me to explore. The length and pace were just right. Very powerful.


Renée pitches her classes so they are suitable for everyone. She always invites you to adjust the poses to your ability or how you feel right then. She gives you options that are gentler or more challenging as you go along. I love her friendly and accessible approach. 

I also benefitted from a one-to-one at home with Renée. She put together a practice routine to help me cope with a painful chronic health problem. It saw me through the months leading up to recent surgery, and I hope to carry on my yoga practice for the rest of my life. Thank you, Renée.


I look forward to my yoga class with Renée so much. I always leave the class in a gorgeously serene state. My posture, balance and state of mind have improved.

Renée is a fabulous and calming teacher; she has taught me how to carry the relaxed mood away from the mat – I can’t thank her enough for this.



I attended Renée’s yoga class as a complete novice. Before the lesson had even finished, I knew I was totally addicted. 

You cannot help but absorb Renée’s beautiful, calming energy, I always leave class feeling extremely serene. With Renée’s teachings and practice I am learning to take the ‘yogi way’ off the mat, and mindfulness is naturally becoming a way of life. Each day I feel my soul is fed a little more. 

I know that I will be a yogi for life, and I will be forever grateful to Renée for sharing her light with me.



Renee’s classes are an inspiration. I find I am becoming more flexible and calmer, and I often apply the breathing techniques through the day when I feel stressed. I really look forward to the yoga sessions, they are so positive and uplifting, and the relaxation at the end is the icing on the cake!



Renée ran a bespoke desk yoga session for me and my colleagues. She guided us through a perfect combination of breathing and seated yoga stretches, sandwiching some more energetic standing postures in between. We felt relaxed and energised afterwards.

I highly recommend Renée for office-based yoga practice.


Francesca Thomas,
BabyCentre / Thrive Agency UK

I was a total beginner when I first came to Renée’s yoga classes and now I can’t get enough!

Renée has a lovely calming aura, and after each class I find myself so relaxed that I sleep like a baby, with the added value of having a more flexible, better-toned body!


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